Monday, November 18, 2013

Lookie at what we got---and we got it for NOTHING!!!  We're picking it up in a few days---gotta do some repair work and I've got to decorate inside and then we're gonna TRAVEL!  It's been my dream to do this since, well, since forever!

I'll post pics when we get it home, and then pics as we fix it up!  I'm so excited!!!

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Working in the Garden on this fine spring day!

It's April 9th and it's 79 degrees out, I just HAD to get in the garden today!  I had to run to the feed store for chicken food.  They had all sorts of starts out so I picked up some onions and strawberries.  I cleaned up the strawberry bed, the ones I planted last year are coming back and spreading real nicely so I added 30 more plants and hopefully they'll take!  Here's the bed all planted, I need to get more straw for a ground cover.

Doesn't look like much now, I know!
Look real close you can see some green in the dirt!

My garden needs a lot of clean up.  Last fall, my husband was very ill and I never got to do my fall clean-up so a lot of grass and weeds were able to take over.  Hopefully we can get the tiller out this weekend!
I grow cukes and zukes in the bed with the frames---it worked out very nicely last year!

Ugh, a lot of work is needed in these beds!
Chives are coming up again---looks to be another bumper crop!
Garlic is coming up!  I planted these last fall, they'll be ready in early July!
The tomato beds from last year.  I'm not sure what's going in here yet---probably  potatoes this year.

Tomorrow, I'm going to take some of my compost and spread it on the strawberry beds!  I love spring!!!

Friday, April 05, 2013

I'm making changes.

My Tom Turkey back in August 2012
My Tom in March 2013.  Yeah, he's grown a bit!!

Hi friends!  I know, I said I was back and then I disappeared for two more years.  Life was crazy then.  Well, crazier than normal. I'm back, I'm revamping the blog and I'm hoping to get into the world of blogging much more intensely than I was before.  I hope to share what it is like to be a homesteader and a mom and a cook and a homeschooler, and a housewife, well, ok, I'm gonna share my life!  I've been practicing on Facebook for a few years and it seems to work, so I'm bringing it out here in the blogosphere where I hope I can help, inspire and create things with like minded people.  Or just curious people.  Or even people who are just passing through on a webring.  I learn so much from other bloggers and I hope I can give back what I've learned and hopefully add a lot of who I am in there, too!  Welcome to my new and improved blog!  I'll be adding stuff on each of the tabs as I can, I hope you stick around to see what I am up to!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A new day, a new energy, a new blog post.....

Ok, you can call me a liar.  I promised that I'd post regularly and here it is over a year later.  Sorry, life was busy--I know that's not an excuse!  There are bloggers who are superwomen---they can design crafts or recipes, make them and take pictures of each step in a stylish manner and then post them to their blogs while making dinner, taking care of the children, the dog and the hubby.  I admire those women.  I ENVY those women, LOL!  But, I am here to try again---I'm no longer homeschooling so I do get 4 days without kids which will enable me to do all of the bloggy things that I respect and admire in other bloggers!  So, here goes, the Crafty Celtic Housewife is back to try again and post things that may be interesting to someone out there in the blogospere!  yay!

What have I been doing this last year? I'm not sure---I didn't make anything crafty except for a few e-reader covers, some pillow cases and a skirt. I've dabbled in crochet, cross stitch and knitting---not finishing anything.

 I have found that my eyes aren't what they once were (I have a hard time seeing up close!) and my carpal tunnel has been getting the best of me during crafts that I was once so prolific. Will that stop me? NO! I just have to figure out a less painful, irritating way to do things. It really sucks when you can't thread a needle because you can't see it up close or from          further away, LOL! Time for reading glasses....


  I did cook and bake quite a bit this past year.  I've been very good at posting my creations on Facebook, but not bringing them here---so I will add pics and recipes as I go.

The garden never even got off the ground this year.  I think that put me in a major funk which was probably why I didn't do much craft-wise.  Last spring wrecked havoc on our land and my garden area---we were so wet for so long, by the time it dried up enough to be able to work in the beds, it was nearly July and then the heat hit---so it was a waste to try and plant anything.  All the seeds I started died---either because I couldn't get them into the ground or because I did put them in the ground and they got drowned or suffocated by the weeds that completely took over our entire acerage.  It was too wet to cut until July and by then everything was at least 3 ft high if not higher.  When we tried to go in and cut everything down, our power tools protested and everything was breaking down left and right.  I took that as a sign and stopped trying.  I did get herbs in the herb spiral at least---but even the spiral suffered at the hands of mother nature and it imploded during a stormy weekend.  It can be fixed easily enough---we'll wait until next spring to tackle that....Even my compost bins were destroyed---a huge storm destroyed the second one and the first one (which had caught on fire last fall) just fell apart from the floods we had.  I got the hint.......

In homeschooling news---we are no longer homeschooling.  My 15 year old decided he wanted to go to high school---which is fine, my older children went back to public school for high school and they both did very well so I have high hopes for the 15 year old.  So far, he's doing very well!!  My 13 year old wasn't as excited about going to middle school---but he is doing well, his grades are good, his teachers love him and he's making a lot of new friends.  As long as things are going well, I can step back from my dislike of public schools.  The oldest son at home is now a senior and completing his final year at the Medina County Career Center in the Chef and Restaurant management course.  He's wanting to go to the Culinary Institute of America next year.  My sous chef will become the master and I see a sous chef position in my future when I cook with him, LOL!

The youngest is doing very well at his school---his speech has improved SO much, he's reading books and he's calmed down some.  He goes through periods of clarity and we are able to reach him, talk to him, reason with him, just communicate overall.  Then the Autism takes over and he's lost to us again for a bit.  He's improved so much over the past 2 years, though, that I am happy for any time we can get from him where he isn't in his own world!  I do feel hopeful for him, I see more possibilities for him having a more "normal" life.

So, here it is, the end of September 2011.  It's gray and dreary outside, it's supposed to drop into the 40's tonight and it's going to be chilly for the rest of the week---time to fire up the wood burner--chilly.  In September.  What a weird weather year we've had...  On the happy side of that I see soups and stews and crumbles and more breads in our future---heck, in our present!  I see cuddling up and working on some crafts.  I'm looking forward to leaves changing, apple cider, pumpkins, corn stalks, haunted houses, trick or treats!  I do love fall, it's my favorite time of year!!

The ever changing, always evolving craft room has had some major improvements done to it--not done yet but we're so much closer!  I've been trying to paint my house.  RAIN.  EXTREME HEAT. RAIN.  I haven't gotten very far.  Made some cute changes in the kitchen---but we've also got some major changes coming there as well!

I've got more painting to do around the inside of the house, the livingroom is going to change colors, the stairwell up to our bedroom needs to be painted, Seamus' room needs to be painted and I'm going to do a mural in there.  SO much to do, to keep me busy and out of trouble.  We also have a bathroom that needs updating and remodeling, a second half bath that needs to be built....The work in a 150 year old house never ends.
So, that's my news of the last year---a lot of words to say that not much has happened, LOL!  I will be trying to post daily now, and I hope to have a lot of interesting things to post!


Thursday, September 09, 2010

Same ole', same ole.

Hiya friends!  I hope everything is well in your world!  Not much new here, school is still going well for all the boys, I'm trying to adjust to getting up with the birds instead of going to sleep with they get up!  Things have been calm and quiet, relatively---as quiet as it can get with 3 boys with raging hormones, LOL!

Labor Day was a blast.  The family came over and we ate.  And ate.  And when that was done, we ate some more.  We had a huge bonfire, well, so they tell me.  I was lying down with Seamus trying to get him asleep and I missed it.  Oh well, the rest of the day was great!  Here's some pics of the food Jeremy and I made:

We had BBQ'd pulled pork shoulder, homemade rolls and coleslaw, 7 layer salad, Pasta Caprese, Baked Beans, Zucchini Appetizer, Artichoke dip, My brothers' fabulous Ribs, and NY style Cheesecake for dessert!

Homemade buns for the pulled pork and coleslaw sandwiches.

The beautiful pork!

7 layer salad, all mixed up.  YUM!!!

Pasta Caprese---bowties with fresh tomatoes, basil and mozzerella with a olive oil/lemon/garlic/shallot sauce

My wonderful baked beans---lots of bacon and onions!

I didn't get many pictures, since I'm always busy with the food, I'll start taking pictures and then someone will need something and I'll forget.  Oh well, take my word for it, we had fun, LOL!

So, fall is here, basically--I know, 21 more days but it's feeling like fall now and I'm LOVING IT!!!
Anyway, now that fall is here, I'm feeling the pull to be crafty.  I think my muse is returning, I hope so, I've missed making things!  I've got 3 tops in boxes, waiting to be pieced, I've got 4 quilts that need to be quilted and bound.  I've got 4 Halloween/Fall cross stitch projects to get started and I want to start crocheting again, and attempt to learn to knit again.  Lots of stuff to happen, not much time to do it all---so I'm going to pick one----the cross stitch.  It's more portable than the quilts ATM.  I'm wondering, though, I haven't made a sampler in probably 20 years---and my eyes have changed considerably.  I'm hoping I'll be able to see AND that my carpal tunnel doesn't force me to stop---I acquired that in the last 20 years as well.  Ah, the joys of getting older!  Here is the project I'm thinking of working on:

I'd like to make the pillow---but as a wall hanging instead of a pillow.  Actually, I have the supplies to make all of them, but for this year, I'm hoping to get one done!

I had to bring the bunnies in the house, one of them wasn't looking too good after the last heat wave.  She lost weight and was just lying in her cage, not eating, not doing much of anything.  I brought her in, cleaned her up and gave her fresh food and water and she's been eating real well and seems to be getting her energy back.  This summer was SO hot, the hottest I remember in a long time---I'm sure it was really hard on the rabbits.  Our other rabbit is fine, she seemed to get through the heat waves ok.

Our poor sick bunny Oreo, she's looking better everyday!

The dogs are wondering who this new animal is---and is she tasty???

Sean and Oreo

Cream, not liking being held.

I don't think I ever posted a picture of the finished cubicle shelves loaded with stuff---here they are!

Here's the shelves next to the cubicle, all full of magazines and fabric!

My wonderful cubes, I am in love with this shelf, I want to marry it----no, I think I'd rather be married to it's creator---wait, I already am!!!  I'm a lucky gal!  (and a weirdo, I know;-)

Seamus with his foot in the stove pipe thimble.  His favorite activity is to see how much of mama's fabric he can throw down the hole until I notice.  Luckily, it lands on the couch in the living room.  I can't wait until Scott can remove this thimble!  I usually have it covered with my knitting basket.

Ok, that's it for tonight!  Thanks for stopping by---do me a favor, drop a hi to me in the comments section, I love to hear from my readers!  Thanks!


Monday, August 30, 2010

School has started, fall is on its way (after the heat wave this week, I hope!)

It's always exciting this time of year, even when you homeschool--although I'd have to admit that I am probably more excited than Sean and Jaret!  Jeremy was happy to get back to school, he's starting his Chef and Restaurant management training, so that is exciting.  Seamus was very happy to hop on the bus today, he really loves school!

Such a cheerful and excited boy!  Now, here are his brothers:

Not so excited, LOL!  Although, I think, deep down inside, they really like learning stuff.

Seamus was just as happy when he arrived home, but he's a happy kid most of the time.

It's been hard for me to get back to daytime hours---not that I slept late or anything, I was usually up by 8-8:30.  But for some reason since school has started I've been waking up at 6 am and I cannot get back to sleep.  And since I have to be up at 7 anyway, what's the point!  I've been trying to get to bed earlier, but last night that wasn't until 1 am.  It'll be earlier tonight!  The boys had a productive day, although it seemed to go on forever.  That's ok though, I have no problem with them spending hours learning stuff!!!

I'm planning a big shindig on Sunday for Labor Day weekend.  I haven't decided yet what to cook--although I'm thinking pitas, hummus, grilled pork or chicken---maybe a Middle Eastern themed meal, gyros and other yummy foods.  We'll see, I have to see how much energy I have left after this week!!!

The garden is nearing the end---it was such a good harvest this year, I am very happy with the yields considering we had to deal with blight and Colorado potato beetles.  It's getting near time to start clearing the beds out again, put in some manure and peat and compost and get ready to plant my garlic in a month.  I'm hoping for a good crop next spring, we didn't do so well this year, but again, better than expected!  My herbs have been fantastic, I'll get 3 harvests out of them before winter.  I've still got quite a few tomatoes out there, I think another canning session is soon to be in order!


We got 6 1/2 quarts of tomato sauce and 3 pints of salsa---but only because about 6 pints were already eaten!  I think I'll make more salsa with the remaining tomatoes, that was really good!

Off to make lunches and jump in the shower before bed!  See ya soon, hopefully I'll have some project started REAL soon!