Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some of my collections and other happenings

Hiya everyone!  Sorry I haven't updated since the Emmy's, it's been crazy around here the last few weeks!

Seamus started school and LOVES it!  His teachers say he is adjusting well, he hasn't cried at all since the first day and he's adjusting to the school schedule with no problems

There was one problem, though

Two days after he started school, he became very ill and ended up in the hospital for 2 days.  At first the doctors thought it was appendicitis, but that was finally ruled out.  They think he just had a bad intestinal virus.  He bounced back after 4 days and was ready to head back to school!

 Sean and Jaret and I have been adjusting to our days without Seamus, it's been strange, the house is so quiet, no one is running after a little one constantly.  We miss him, but I have to admit it is nice to be able to get things done.  When he comes home from school it's all back to normal!

I have been displaying these apron banners and signs on my site for ages and never bothered to show my aprons.  I only had 3 of my own that I had found in antique stores, but my mother gave me a treasure.  I now have 6 of my Grandmother's aprons, I am so excited!  I remember her wearing these, it is so wonderful to have these aprons that were so much a part of her.  She is the only person I remember that wore an apron, so I will proudly carry on the tradition and after I lose a little weight, I will wear her aprons proudly (I can wear them now but they look better on a slimmer figure ;-)

My Grandma's Aprons

This one I got at an antique shop, I'm doubting that it is very old.

Aren't they lovely!?

Ok, now here is another one of my collections, I just started collecting vintage salt and pepper shakers last year.  I like weird and silly styles.  My collection isn't too big yet, I am very picky about what I purchase so I don't get new sets often.  Of course, I don't hit the antique stores often so that may be the real reason it hasn't grown, LOL!

My newest collection is very small but I hope to add some more to it.  I love pigs, especially pigs from the 40's-60's.  They can't be too cutesy, but these are just right!

It just happens to be that they are both planters, I am considering getting a nice golden porthos to plant in the yellow piggie and maybe a philodendron for the other.

Big news for me, my cube shelf is finally done!  Hubby worked on it over the weekend and Sean and Jaret and I painted it yesterday.  Here is the IKEA Expedit shelf I wanted---

And here is the Scott version:

  Mine's bigger, LOL!
Who needs IKEA????  Well, I do---they have some delicious dishes that I want to get---only $25 for an 18 piece set!  I wish they had a store in Ohio--other than Cincinnati---it's closer for me to drive to the Pittsburgh store than the Cincy location!  Scott did an awesome job on this, I am so proud of him and happy to be a recipient of his talents!

Anyway, I'll be working on organizing my sewing room and getting the cube shelf filled up this week and maybe by this weekend I'll be able to sit and sew!