Friday, March 07, 2008

Brrrrrr, it's still winter!

Well, we've been in our new house for nearly a month now and we have been through 3 major winter storms with another one hitting us as I type! It's been so beautiful, though, that I have to say, I don't mind winter hanging on a little while longer!

The boys had a blast with their sleds and snow boards. Here are some pics of them having fun!

So, we had quite a few days of snow and fun---then Monday hit and the temps went up to 68 degrees and all the snow was gone. We were left with water and mud everywhere---then we got hit with a huge ice storm and everything froze (this all happened in one day!)

Pics of the aftermath of the ice storm:

We were covered in ice for 4 days and then the sun came out and it all melted away Thursday afternoon. It was magical, I spent the day just watching our forest and listening the the ice cracking and falling---it sounded like a crystal rain. It was absolutely beautiful! I was sort of sad to see it go---but the storm itself did cause quite a bit of damage in Northeast Ohio, people are still without power 5 days later! We were lucky here in Medina, no major problems.

So it's now Friday and we are in the midst of another huge winter storm. Traffic is crawling on our street (the usual speed limit is 55mph) and we're supposed to get 12-18 possible inches by Sunday. The boys are happy, they are looking forward to snowboarding and sledding again!

I'm looking forward to spending the weekend indoors in front of the fire, cutting out two new quilts for my nieces and staying warm! I hope to head to the fabric store this evening before things get REALLY bad weather-wise and get some chenille to back the simple patchwork quilts I plan on making my two little nieces. I have some pretty pastel strips that I am going to use for the top for one, and lots and lots of 30's fabrics for the other.

That's it for me, hopefully we'll be unburied on Sunday and I can convince DH to take me to check out a quilt shop I just found out about in Wadsworth. I know there are a bunch south of us in Amish country---and I've been to most of them, but I'm not so sure of what is around in the immediate area. Time to explore!

Have a great weekend, I'll post in a few days with pics of some completed tops (hopefully!)