Sunday, October 14, 2007

Same old thing

Hiya everyone!

It's been busy here, with schooling the boys, taking care of a soon to be 2 year old and being a housewife, the job never ends until I go to sleep for a few hours and then wake up to start all over again. I did start a quilt for my Aunt for her birthday, it's a fall wall hanging---I'll get pictures up later. All it needs is to be quilted and bound, then it's time to start holiday projects and gifts. Fall is finally here in Northeast Ohio---thank goodness! I hated having to turn the air on in October, but it was so hot a week ago, into the 90's and with baking and cooking the house quickly becomes an oven. We've been looking at another house, since the one we wanted in Ashtabula was sold. We found a wonderful house in Medina. It's a huge old farmhouse, built in 1865, with 6 acres of land! The house is in good shape, they've taken good care of it and the land is right smack dab in the middle of farm country, exactly what we were looking for in our search for the perfect house. Of the 40-50 houses we've looked at so far, this one had everything we've wanted in a house. We made an offer and it was accepted by the owner, except---he has a bitter ex-wife whom he can only comunicate with through her lawyer and she refuses to sign anything so he's going to have to take her to court. Hopefully this won't be a long story, I was hoping to be in before Thanksgiving. Keep your fingers crossed for us, ok???

The eldest teens are moving out on their own. They put money down on an apartment and are now just waiting to be approved. I'm not sure they are ready for this but they do not want to move into the country-at all-so I have to hope that they are fast learners when it comes to living on their own. They don't have any furniture so when we find out if they are approved, I'm gonna have to scour the freecycle ads for living room and dining room stuff and kitchen stuff. We don't have extras here, everything is being used.

It's been a crazy few months here---in August I was diagnosed with untreated post partum depression. With the strain of the house stuff and having the teens move back in and dealing with all the stress, I kinda had a mini breakdown. I'm fine now, the doctor gave me some good meds that got me back to my old self real quick, thank goodness!

My 9 year old was also diagnosed as ADHD. I knew something was up, he has the attention span of a toddler and can be very difficult when it comes to school work and such. We started him on a new ADHD med and it has worked wonders for him! His schoolwork has improved so much, it's a miracle! He feels the difference, too---he told me he was feeling much better. I hate having to use drugs for anything (including my own stuff) but I'll tell ya what---this is so worth it! We are changing how things are done and handled here as well, to help him succeed because helping him isn't just about popping a pill everyday, it's about making changes all around.

I found out my daughter is bulimic---how scary. It just started over the summer, she watches all those top model shows and other things like that and got obsessed with her weight ( she isn't and has never been overweight). I've confronted her a few times about it but she denies it wholeheartedly---but all the evidence is right there and everyone in the house knows she is throwing up all her meals. I took her to the doctor last week, he talked to her alone and asked her a few times about it but she continues to deny it. I'm scared for her. He said that we are going to take it slowly with her as to not scare her off so I just have to hold out for hope that we can break this before she moves out---I do not want to move to the country and leave her here while she is sick.

So, that's what is going on around here. I'll get back to checking in more often, it's just been crazy here and the baby is now in a toddler bed (we couldn't keep him in the crib anymore, he was constantly climbing out!) so we have to blacken the room to get him to sleep so no more computer time at night at my computer, anyway--which is why I have to get the pictures posted later, they are on my computer downstairs!

See ya all soon!