Wednesday, January 16, 2008

News and quilty whatnot! UPDATED SEE BOTTOM

Oh, I have SO much to tell you all!

First of all, some catch up. Christmas was wonderful. We were able to give the kids a real nice Christmas this year---which felt so great! AND even better, hubby and I were able to give to each other, something we'd never done before because we always wanted to give all to the kids. I was able to spoil him, finally---which was so fun and he deserves it so much!!! I got him an iPod and a stereo to play it on at home. I was able to get him a bunch of woodworking tools that he's had his eye on for quite a while. He has been wanting a shaving brush and soap kit for years, I could never find any in the stores around here so I looked online and found him a real nice set that comes with a badger hair brush and a tin cup filled with soap and a lid for the cup, it's really nice! I also got him some cologne he's been wanting, some country CD's and some books on woodworking. I got him the complete 30 year Mother Earth News on CD---he used to have years of the magazines that he had saved but they were all lost in a move---so now he has them in a more portable container---plus I got him a subscription to Mother Earth, Progressive Farmer, Country Side and Farm and Ranch. Now, reading those titles, you would think we live on a farm. Well, we don't---we live in the suburbs on a lot that isn't even an 1/8th of an acre. BUT NOT FOR LONG!!!

Yes, it is finally happening! We GOT THE HOUSE!!!! It's for real---although I have to keep telling myself this, after all the let-downs we've had over the last 3 years! Our credit is not only fixed, its good enough for us to qualify for a mortgage with a low, low rate! This was the best present hubby and I could ever have gotten---even after such a wonderful Christmas----this tops it all! Wanna see a picture of our new house???? New, old house---it was built in 1865. Click on pics to see larger view.

It needs a paint job---I think a nice barn red with cream trim and green shutters and doors.
Here are some pics of the 6 acres.

This is the sky shot, the yellow lines are the borders of the property. The next is the view out of one of the back bedroom windows. The last is just a view of the field behind that little shed. There is also a pole barn on the property and we have a small forest and a creek that runs through it. I cannot wait to move!!!! We should have the particulars on when the close will be and when we get the keys tomorrow or Friday, depending on the availability of the real estate agent.

So, with all that, you'd think that would be more than enough for a great start to the new year---and it really is---but there is more. I still haven't told you what hubby got me for Christmas!!!!

Initially, I had a Keepsake Quilting and a Connecting Threads Christmas with some Ebay stuff thrown in! He got me--it would be easier to just show you---here's a picture--click on it to see a larger view.

Can you believe it? What a wonderful Christmas! He would go into my Ebay and look at what I was watching--and he knew which ones I really liked without even asking, LOL! The other stuff is from Keepsake Quilting and Connecting Threads---he snuck my catalogs when I wasn't looking. I always highlight things I'd like to get throughout the year as money permits---well he got me a bunch all at once, I was shocked! And the sneaky guy had them delivered to his work so I had no idea. Typically, I don't want anything for the holidays, I would honestly rather give and see my family and friends happy---and that has always been the best present for me. I had so much fun getting presents this year, I was so amazed that he did all that! But wait, there is more.

Now, this didn't come until January 10th---he had to wait to save some money but imagine my surprise when the UPS guy knocked on the door with this box!

I was CRYING when I saw the box, I think the UPS guy thought I was nuts, LOL! I never thought I would get one of these, not anytime soon, anyway. This is the Grace Sturdy Lite, I had seen it in the Keepsake Quilting catalog and hubby and I had talked about him possibly making one for me---when we got a bigger house. This is a queen size frame, we had to rearrange our basement bedroom a couple times to find the right spot for it, LOL! I haven't tried it out yet---I have to get some fabric to make leaders for the rails---they need to be 94" long and any fabric I have in 3 yard increments is heavier fabric I use for costuming, I'm thinking it'll be too thick. I need to get some muslim. I can't even fathom buying more fabric after all hubby did for me, I have the best hubby in the world!

Anyway, now that we are moving soon, I'm probably just going to take it down and pack it up for now---well, maybe--maybe not! As those of you who've been following my blog know---I can't machine quilt my way out of a paper bag--well, except for straight lines or in the ditch. That's why hubby got me the Skillbuilder companions for machine quilting---I was going to teach myself how to do it--it's a whole new animal doing it on a quilting frame, I'm kinda scared---but excited, too!!! Oh, and the place he got the frame from not only had it for $50 cheaper---but they threw in a CD of QuiltCAD! I'm not sure how quickly I'll be ready for pantographs and patterns using the stylus, but I'm sure ready to give it all a try! I think this weekend I am going to put the Bernina on the frame and try some free motion quilting, if I could get 2 or three of my smaller tops done before we move, I could tackle the twin size and crib size quilts that have been waiting for the last year to be quilted! Here are pics of my UFO's that have been waiting patiently to be finished:

I've got a lot of work to do! Plus, I have to make my mom a chicken quilt and I have 3 quilts planned for my 3 nieces and my son Jaret wants a quilt, not to mention all the quilts I want to make for me---I hope I can master using the frame soon!

Well, that's it for me today---like I said earlier, we're just waiting to meet with the real estate agent to go out to the property and sign all the papers and get the close date. I'm hoping she is able to meet with us tomorrow, I don't think hubby will last until Friday, LOL!

Have a great week, and a belated Happy New Year to you all!

Updated Wednesday 1/16

We met with the realtor, our close date is January 30th and we get the keys and take possession on February 3rd!!!! Woo hoo, how's that for quick!!! Hubby is gonna take a vacation week starting on the 4th so we can clean and paint and we'll move in on the 9th---the day before my birthday. I don't think I've had such a wonderful birthday present---a new home with my somewhat new hubby and our family---it doesn't get better than this!