Monday, August 16, 2010

Mystery Peppers and other stuff

I'm wondering if anyone can identify this mystery pepper. I got it at a local greenhouse, all the tag said was Extremely hot pepper, 2-4" in size, lime green in color. We picked some when they were lime green, but there was no heat to them, not really anyway. So, if you can tell me what kind of pepper it is, I can figure out if they are truly ready--I'm thinking they need to be red.


So, this has been a cruddy summer, my mojo/muse is gone, I've not be able to do a whole lot until recently---but I did read TONS of books---wow, did I read!  I'm not complaining, I know it sounds that way.  This year hasn't gone too well, but that is all going to change---I'm gonna MAKE it change!  Next week, I go to get an endoscopy, I most likely have an ulcer so that has to be taken care of now.  BUT, it'll all be done and over soon and I've been feeling much better lately so that is a good thing!  While I've not been able to do anything of the creative nature, I have had wonderful luck in the garden this year---even though my tomatoes got blight AGAIN, they are still truckin' along---we've already picked a bushel and I'm sure we'll have close to that again by the end of the season.  We've had a plethora of peppers, a multitude of melons, a ton of tomatoes, a crate of cukes, a selection of squashes, you get the picture :-D.

Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure, click on picture for full size:

It's been a great year in the garden!!!  Tomorrow, I have 12 more pounds of tomatoes that I picked today, they are going to become some more salsa---omg, it is SO good!!!  I love my garden!

So, the kids are getting ready to go back to school.  Jeremy starts at the Career Center for his Chef school on the 25th, Sean and Jaret start their 4th year of OHVA on the 25th as well (we homeschool---or home educate) and Seamus goes back to his school on the 30th---which will make things so much easier for homeschooling!  I am looking forward to fall, that is when I am usually at my most creative---since I haven't been creative at all this year, I am hoping/planning on my creativity being reborn this fall!  I've got quilts to quilt, tops to make, samplers to cross stitch, hats and socks to knit or crochet and tons of other stuff I'd like to do!  Send me some creative mojo, please!  LOL!

See you soon, I won't stay away as long this time!