Monday, May 07, 2007

The dream of being a homesteader and my WIP

I've been using this blog almost exclusively to post about my quilting ventures, but when I created it I had planned on using it to describe my life in whole. I guess I should do more of that, especially since my quilting adventures have been slim to none, LOL!

We are still working on getting financing to buy the house. It certainly is much more difficult nowadays, we have been working month after month to pay off DH's debts---which really aren't many compared to the average American these days. I think his total debt was around $2500. We've been paying it off month by month for the last few months, but the houses we've looked at and wanted are being sold---it's very depressing. The house that I posted links for a while ago is still on the market---with its 5 acres of beautiful land (mostly wooded, but that's ok with us!) They lowered the asking price by $20,000 and I am scared that someone is gonna snatch it up before we get approval for a loan. I am so scared, I wake up in the middle of the night in covered in sweat and shaking---I REALLY want this property. I've been trying to let it go---the other property that we were looking at and loved that had a much better house on it sold a couple of weeks ago and I was crushed, but not too badly. I really want the property with the 5 acres, it's more secluded than the other one and just beautful. How does one let that urgency go? I know things will happen when the time is right but I've never been a patient person.

Not knowing what is going on with our life---I didn't order any seeds for a garden. Now I know (or assume) we're gonna be here for at least the summer so I want to have at least a small vegetable garden and my herb garden. I'm thinking of doing it all in containers in case we happen to get the house, and then we can take the garden with us. I was planning on planting a bunch of tomato plants in the front yard since it gets a southern exposure there, although I was also interested in trying out some of those hanging bag tomato planters. I am just torn on whether to invest the time and energy into something when we could still possibly be moving. Of course, if we don't move I'll be upset not to have grown my own veggies. It's dizzying, being in my head these days, LOL!

I am so eager to get to my own homestead and really start working towards self-sufficiency. I'm tired of neighbors who are so close they can hear our conversations in our home when they are outside. I'm tired of the neighbor kids teasing our puppy to make her bark when I am working hard to train her not to bark at them. I'm tired of being on a busy street where I have to worry about my kids safety--not just from traffic but from the child preditors that have been out in droves lately trying to pluck young kids on their way to or from school (thank goodness mine are homeschooled!) My younger boys are 11 and almost 9 and I barely let them out of their yard---that isn't right but there is so much wrong around here that I don't feel safe letting them go further than a couple of houses from our house. We live in the suburbs, but I don't feel safe here---cars in the neighborhood are always being broke into (ours was a few years ago) lately there have been a rash of house robberies in my neighborhood. I know these things can happen anywhere, but I have this desperate need to get out of the city, into the country, where I can have some peace and possibly not have to worry as much as I do now.

I've been reading so much about chickens and goats, I am SO eager to have some of my own. I got a copy of the Encyclopedia of Country Living and I've been reading it from cover to cover--I am eager to build a chicken tractor, have a garden bigger than 1 X 3, have goats following me around like my dogs and giving us fresh milk that I may actually be able to drink (I'm lactose intolerant after a gastric bypass surgery). Living here is easy, keeping house, keeping our small yard nice---I want hard work and to be so tired from working to live that I pass out everynight when my head hits the pillow.

Well, I've whined enough for one post---this is what I am doing while we're waiting for financing:

reading anything and everything about country life
learning about solar, wind and hydro power---we are going to be off grid someday
I will plant a small, portable garden---just in case.....
I will buy local, organic produce until I can grow my own
I will experiment to learn, make a small compost pile, anything I grow will be grown totally organic
look for local farms for fresh eggs and meat
use my huge gas guzzler-van as little as possible
keep working with my kids on recycling
go through stuff in the house and freecycle all we don't need/want

We will have our own homestead someday, hopefully sooner rather than later! I'm not getting any younger, LOL!

Ok, now onto my newest WIP, I started the Daisy Summer quilt, I've got the top done and I need to square it up, put on the black and white border and then applique the daisies onto the top. Here is what I've done so far. I am still practising the free-style machine quilting. Dh is building me a quilting frame for hand quilting, so I don't have to hold it while stitching and it'll be easier on my carpal tunnel. That's it for me for now, I'll post more pictures as I get more done! Have a good week!