Monday, January 05, 2009

New Years resolutions

Happy New Year, friends!

I don't tend to make resolutions because I usually don't follow through with them BUT......

I do plan on posting here more often.

Our new year started out quietly. The boys played Guitar Hero and I painted. DH and I had moved our bedroom upstairs back in August/September. The baby was in our room as well---we had moved so I could have a bigger sewing room, the room I had previously was 9 X 9 and it wasn't even big enough for me to actually sew in. After we moved our bedroom upstairs, we had worked on fixing up our previous bedroom into my sewing room and the small room was made into Seamus's play room. I decided last weekend that Seamus needs his own room now (as do DH andI), so we decided to move BACK downstairs into our old room and move my sewing room upstairs. First, I had to paint the room----we haven't done any painting here since we bought the house and it needs it badly. The last owners had terrible taste in paint colors and I couldn't handle the thought of being creative in a room with mint green walls, LOL! I painted it a very light blue with a federal blue trim (pictures coming soon). DH painted the floor white and it now looks like a totally different room! We spent the weekend moving all my tons and tons of stuff upstairs and moving our bedroom back downstairs. We did end up throwing a mattress down on the livingroom floor and crashing there last night. It was nice, though, listening to the crackle of the wood in the woodstove. I'll be happy to sleep in my bed tonight, however!

The next room to paint will be my bedroom. I'm going to do a nice, soft yellow with crisp white trim. That'll be next weekend. After that its going to be either the kitchen or the living room next.

Sorry I have no pictures, my camera is broken and my cord is missing anyway. I'll have to borrow Jeremy's camera tomorrow after I get things cleaned up a bit here.

I hope you all had a great new year! One of my resolutions that I don't make is to get some of my UFO's quilted this year---to finally use my quilting frame and learn how to do some machine quilting. At least I have tons of room now in my sewing room, I can have a quilt on the Grace machine frame, and two quilts on my hand quilting frames. Now I just need 6 arms with extensions to quilt on all of them at once, hehehe!

Back to school tomorrow. The boys are so bummed! Jaret wished that Christmas vacation could to until June 4th and then the next day we could start summer vacation, LOL! It would be fun, although I'm pretty sure we wouldn't appreciate vacations as much as we do now!

My body is SO tired from moving heavy furnature all day. I'm ready for bed! I'll post again in a day or so with pictures, promise!

See ya soon!