Wednesday, August 08, 2007

nothing new, nothing quilty accomplished

It's been a long week. I was going at such a good rate with my snowmen blocks. Then my household started falling apart. My 19 yo daughter was sick one night and needed her mother---of course I was there for her but we were up all night long and by the time I got to sleep, the baby was up a couple hours later.

Next night, the eldest boy was up all night and kept me up as well. No, he wasn't sick---his clock is backwards from working 3rd shift and he tends to stay up all night and he's very noisy. Meanwhile, the baby wasn't feeling well all week---nothing major but a cold was definitely coming on.

Next night, the two eldest teens (18 and 19) kept me up way too late again, late night feasts in the kitchen---I'm sorry, I get cranky and irritated when children cook in the middle of the night, using up my food planned for other meals and creating disaster zones in the kitchen which they don't clean up well.

Next night, the baby has not been eating well this day and he's been real cranky. I give him some Motrin cold and put him down to bed. He wakes up around 3 and he's very feverish. I give him more Motrin but the fever doesn't go down---it's up to nearly 104. We decide to take him to the ER, it's a weekend night and he won't be able to see a doctor until Monday, so if he needs meds I'd rather get him checked right away before things get worse. After 5 1/2 hours in the ER, we are sent home with a diagnoses of an upper respiratory infection (which I knew) no meds needed (which I was thankful for) and instructions to keep doing what I was already doing. We arrived home at 9 am. We slept for a little while, but I had to get up to take care of the other kids---oh and in addition to not having any sleep for 5 nights I am also dealing with a humdinger of a sinus infection myself. I made it through the day and went to bed early---the baby got up a few times in the night so I didn't get many hours of sleep.

Sunday night, the teens are back, making late night feasts and making tons of noise. I got maybe 3 hours of sleep.

Monday, I told them they were no longer allowed to have friends over until all hours nor were they allowed to be making late night feasts in my kitchen. Either eat meals with the family, or wait until morning! If they were to just make a sandwich or something that would be one thing---but their late night munchies have been seriously depleting my food stores. Last night, they swore to be quiet and not make anything in the kitchen---they managed to rile up the dogs by congregating outside with strangers which caused the dogs to bark like crazy and the baby to be awoken--he was up for 3 hours, until 3:30 am. Then one decides they are going to make themselves a quick snack---the others decided they want one too so it turns out to be another late night feast. I finally got to sleep again around 5, then the storm of the year passes through starting around 8 and it lasted quite a while, waking up all the children. Another sleepless night.

Tonight, I can't get to sleep---I've been trying for hours and it's not working. I read until my eyelids fell and the magazine fell out of my hand. Then I woke up. I watched TV---boring TV and fell asleep---and woke up again. I have been catching up on email, hoping that would tire me out---no deal. After I am done here I'm going to go take a warm shower and hope that helps.

The teenagers didn't come here tonight, I think they finally learned. Don't get me wrong, I love having my kids around---but when they are getting home at 4, 5 AM, bringing friends over, cooking meals, walking up and down the creaky stairs loudly, dropping things on the floor constantly (my room is in the basement) and letting the dogs and cats get all riled up---there is only so much a loving, sleepless mother can take. It's time for tough love, baby!!!

I'm done.

Nothing new with the house---still waiting for all the credit agencies to report our payments to the reporting agencies and rescore our credit.

I am so tired, now. I think I am just going to go to bed now and hopefully sleep. Maybe this dark, venting post will be my release and I'll be able to let go and relax. Let's hope so, for EVERYONES sake, LOL!

Sorry so blah, hopefully some good stuff next week!!!