Friday, February 16, 2007

Ok, time to quilt!

The baby is better, I'm feeling a bit punky but better than I was yesterday. I'm ready to quilt! I WILL have this quilt done by midnight, Sunday. I am going to machine quilt it, I've decided. Since it is for the baby it'll be stitched in the ditch and around each block---I may attempt to do some stippling for inside the blocks, I'll have to practice first.

I've also decided that my giant Christmas quilt is going to be hand quilted and I even have an idea now of how to do it! I just needed some inspiration and the ladies at the Quilter's Corner Club, Quilter's Who Care and Ohio Quilter's group and of course, Alex Anderson and her wonderful guests on Simply Quilts have provided me with SO much inspiration that I want to make EVERYTHING I see and EVERYTHING I dream up!

After spending the week with a sick baby (poor thing, he's better now!)and being sick myself and having 3 other sick kids, I need a major sewing break. I'm gonna tell DH when he gets home that I need a bunch of time this weekend to sew--but we need to make sure he has time to do what he wishes to do as well. I WILL get this quilt done! After all, I have at least 10 snowmen blocks to make for the snowman swap I belong to--and whatever other swap I decide I have to join!

I will not be posting again until the quilt is done, I hope to be posting pictures of it this weekend, check back, it'll be here!!!

Have a good, safe, warm weekend!

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Julie said...

Oh wow! I just clicked to enlarge your pictures and I love your baby quilt and Christmas quilt. I didn't realize the blocks were like windows on the baby quilt. That must have been hard. I love the Christmas block too. So pretty, I love those fabrics.
Snowman swap? Is that with a local guild? I am thinking about joining the local quilt guild.