Friday, July 13, 2007

Rag Quit is Done!!!! Oh, and some good news!

I finally got a quilt totally finished!!! I finished the rag quilt late last night and after washing it and drying it, and spending an hour cleaning out the washer and dryer, it is done! Here are pics of the progress of the rag quilt:
Click on pictures to get actual size!

Here is the basket of squares and yet to be cut jeans. I probably cut around 80-100 pairs of jeans, mostly size 5 to 8 young boy jeans (hence the need for so many) I needed over 150 squares for the quilt.

Here is a strip about a quarter way into the job. From what I had read, most people waited until they had it all pieced to cut the seams, I didn't want to do it all at once and hurt my hand so I did each strip as it was added on. Saved my hand some cramping!!

This was the stack of squares about half way through.

Here is the front and back halfway through. My hands were tired from cutting and playing Guitar Hero with the kids, and we had received the news of no financing for the house so I took a week break from the quilt.

Here it is completed and signed. I decided to just sign it with a Sharpie instead of making it a label, it's a more informal approach for an informal quilt--and plus since it is for an 11 year old, he thought it was kinda cool that I was writing on his quilt. I told him not to even think of doing it himself, LOL! Although, it IS his now.

Ok, so now on to my swaps I joined, I have to make snowman blocks and leaf blocks---I'm just trying to find the right patterns for me. More on that later.

The good news----we are about a week away from starting the loan application again. Our broker has assured me that once we receive proof of payment of some of the bills that were on our credit report (which we should have by Tuesday), we will be able to get our financing---100% financing! The realtor for the house has not officially put it back on the market yet, so it should still be ours once this is all finished! I'm not getting excited or even thinking much about it---I don't want to be crushed again should anything go wrong so--I'm not going to think about it anymore past this post, LOL!

Ok, I'm done! Have a good weekend, hopefully I'll have some blocks done for next WIP Wednesday.


Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good to blog, congratulations

salutations from Catalonia Spain

swooze said...

Love the jean quilt! Fingers crossed on the house...which makes typing difficult....but hey!

Shelina said...

This is a great quilt. I want to make one of those! I've made a rag quilt out of flannel, but not jeans yet. I do think I have enough jeans leftovers to make one though. How big were your squares?

DawnK said...

That's beautiful, Leslie!

Jeanne said...

Looks great! I've been saving jeans for a quilt like that for some time.

Gettig said...

Wonderful quilt! Congratulations on finishing a UFO!

Helen said...

That denim quilt looks stunning! Great work! Hope all falls into place with the house hunting, it can be so stressful can't it? Fingers crossed for you!

Julie said...

Congrats on finishing the denim quilt. I love how its turned out. Now if I could just get mine started! Congrats on the other thing that you're not mentioning! I'll be looking for more good news soon.

Floss said...

The jean quilt looks great. I often wonder how heavy they are.

Good luck on the house.

josy777 said...

I love your quilt. I made a lap quilt in this style last year but never thought to use old clothing for the material. I love the idea of the denim.
Now that I know that my wardrobe is a new stash,I finally feel good about being bigger than the average person. that gives me more material.
Keep up the lovely work