Wednesday, August 01, 2007

WIP Wednesday

Hiya folks! Not much new going on around here, unfortunately. I've been working on my snowman blocks for the swap---the first 3 I finished I have decided to keep. I know, I'm bad, LOL! The reason is that they are really 3 blocks in 1 and I decided it took too much time to finish 1 whole block, so instead of making 5 of those, I am going to make 5 single blocks---which I have completed--here:

Here they are in pieces
And here they are completed

I am going to put on some borders, using fabrics of these colors:

Here are all the blocks I've done so far:

I think I like the colors of the last one the best--luckily I have tons of those fabrics so I can make more if I want---I know my mom wants me to make some with those fabrics!! She didn't like the bright ones---oh well.

I got my 30's strips last week--here they are:

Now I've got a whole drawer of 30's strips, just waiting to be made into something. I'm going to use some of them to make a baby quilt for each of my baby nieces. Gotta get through these swaps, first!

I'll probably post more later this week---until then have a good one!!!


JoAnna said...

They're so cute! I really like the blue one -- it feels most like winter.

Belém said...

Lovely blocks and a good antecipation for winter time. Are you going to make a wall hanging with them? I love your mat color. where did you buy it?