Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Spring is here, finally!!

I can't believe it's been almost 2 months since I posted anything. It's been pretty busy around here, I'll have to admit. With trying to get all the schoolwork done before the end of the year, and taking the boys to take their proficiency tests---it's enough to make me seriously consider going back to unschooling. I am very conflicted, though---which isn't good for the boys either way. So, while I sort through my beliefs and thoughts of what I feel they need to survive in this world, they will continue with the online charter school for now. It hasn't been so terrible, actually they seem to like it for the most part. We have a very loose and flexible schedule, too. We may do school work in the morning, or we might play all day and do it at night---just depends on what is going on and what their moods are for the day. I will not make them do schoolwork, especially math, if they are cranky---then it is a miserable time for all. While I completely dislike and distrust the public school system, this program (OHVA) has actually worked well for the boys, so we will probably continue with it and just work it into our life, rather than making our life work into it. As long as they remain happy---that is what is most important.

In addition to working hard to get all the schooling done, we've been working on the garden and the chicken coop. We weren't able to till nearly the whole month of May---it was so cold and rainy that the ground was drenched and there was barely any heat or sun to dry it out. We finally had a dry week last week and DH got the tiller out and got a big chunck of the garden tilled twice. I was going to plant today, but we have a flippin' frost advisory tonight!!!! I am sick of cold---I loved it during the winter when it was SUPPOSED to be cold, but I've had my fill and want warm days and nights now, please!!!!

As usual, click on the pics for the larger, easier to see version!

DH tilling yesterday---it was very overcast and cold---but no rain, thank goodness!!!

3/4 of the garden tilled as of today---although DH got more done tonight after I took the pictures! He's nothing if not diligent!! It was sunny all day, but still cold. There is 5o X 50 feet left to till at the top, but he got halfway done today!

Beautiful dark, rich soil. The grass in the middle is where a path will go--I told DH not to waste his time and energy tilling the path, LOL!

My lettuce up by the house has been thriving for quite a while now, we've had salads for the 6 of us from it probably 4 times already! As soon as I snip off leaves, it grows new ones by the next day! I love nature--and eating it, LOL!

Onto other things, we've also been working on making a chicken coop. We are converting an existing shed into the coop. DH fixed up the floor, he cut out a doorway between the two sheds and put up a door. And he got the floor sealed. Now we need to make the cage for inside the shed, with roosts and nesting boxes. We will also have a small cage to hold chickens that may be sick or injured. After that, we'll build a fenced in yard for them around the sheds so they'll have plenty of room to roam and get their fill on bugs.
The two sheds.

I've also been busy cutting down our acreage. Nearly all of it is overgrown with everything from bushweed to brambles and berry bushes and thistles and a million more assorted flora. I've been plowing through it with the tractor the last 5 days now that it's pretty dry out there.

Before--although this is a month ago. When I was cutting over the weekend, the grasses were between 3-4 feet tall and everything was extremely thick.

After, so far anyway---there is probably 3-4 more acres yet to mow! Sorry for the blurry pic, I didn't realize it was so blurry when I took it!

So, that's what we've been busy with here at the homestead. DH and I are tossing a name for our homestead around---we're thinking Avalon Acres. I'm a huge fan of King Arthur and the whole tale and DH's nickname is Myrddin (it is pronounced Merthlin---it's the Welsh version of Merlyn) which is just mindblowing since I've been a King Arthur fan since I was 8 and I had no idea of his nickname until I saw a wood burnt sign in his shop that he had made when he used to sell different wood carvings he made. I guess that is one clue that tells us that we were meant to be, LOL!

As far as quilting goes---it hasn't been going anywhere ;-( I haven't had time for anything sewing. I still haven't had time to put my sewing room together. I still haven't gotten a chance to try out my Grace frame. When I got it in January, we put it together and I was set to get quilting on it---then we got approved for the house and we haven't looked back since. Once the homeschooling can take a hiatus and I've got the garden in and the areas for my animals to come set up and ready---then I'll find time to quilt again. I've been aching to start something---or finish all the UFO's I have. One thing---I am getting DH to take me down to Amish country next weekend---I need some summer, beachy fabrics for a quilt I am going to make for my niece. I can't find what I am looking for, so I am hoping the Amish quilt shops will come through for me!!!

That's it for now, I'll check back soon!


QuiltedSimple said...

It was great to see you stop by my blog - and how neat is that that we are so close???? I'm from Medina originally (in fact, my parents still live there) and went to Medina Schools - talk about the pits. Glad I graduated when I did (1990). I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog,
Take care,

Marsaili said...

Thanks for stopping by, Kris!

We just moved to Medina in February. The boys were in Parma schools, which are terrible so I pulled them out and started schooling them at home. I've actually heard some very good things about Medina schools--we're in the Cloverleaf district and my 16 year old is going to go back to school next fall. I hope they are better than Parma, but I'm pretty sure most school systems are better than Parma, LOL!

QuiltedSimple said...

You really aren't that far from us at all - we are Northwestern school district - West Salem/Congress are (just south west of Lodi) - how funny is that?!?!?! Cloverleaf is a very good school - I went to Medina City Schools (I wouldn't recommend Medina City simply due to the number of students). Great to "meet you" neighbor.