Monday, February 01, 2010

Hiya all!

I'm here in Border's taking a mom break while the boys are at tutoring!  So that actually gives me time to post on my blog, oh joy!
I'm doing much better than I was in the last post, nearly healed and I have more energy--yay!  I've been busy with the boys, working on their lessons, making cookies and bagels and just resting and enjoying the family.
A week ago we got some roosters--5 silkies.  They are fun but I think it'll be better for our ladies if we only have 1 so I'm going to be asking around for some good homes for the others.  If I can't find one, I'll use the other shed we have on our property and put them in there.  As usual, click on the pictures to get a larger view!

I took the littlest boy to get assessed for his autism and the developmental preschool program.  They feel he'll qualify, but it's going to take 3 weeks to find out!  I wish they could push it through quicker, I'd really like to get him going, the doctor told us the sooner he gets treatment, it is possible that he could come out of the autism.  We're hoping and praying! 

I've been getting seed catalogs in the mail like crazy, this weekend I'm finally going to pick all the seeds for this year.  I have tons of veggie seeds left over from last year, so I just need herbs and perennials for my English garden I am planning for the front of the house.  I'm sick of mowing the grass there, we have 6 acres to mow and it's an all day project (until we get a tractor so we can plow the fields and put in some grasses for livestock) so I am eliminating the front yard and making it an English garden.  I got a bunch of garden planning books out of the library so DH and I can sit down and plan things out---we'll have to start breaking ground in early April, late March if possible!  Last year we got the veggie garden put in and DH made me a beautiful herb spiral.  Here are some pics that my son got last fall:
Isn't my herb spiral awesome??!!  I have the most wonderful, talented husband!  I was going to make it myself but being sick prevented me from being able to do it so hubby took the job on and I am so proud and pleased with what he made!  I am a lucky woman!

I didn't get pictures of the garden in the summer, I don't know why---it was my pride and joy---and then the blight hit everything!  No cucumbers, few pumpkins, lots of zucchini, but nothing compared to what we would have had if the blight hadn't gotten the plants!  Not one potato, lots of tomatoes, but not nearly as many as we should have had---same for melons and squashes.  What started out so promising was literally destroyed.  If I hadn't been so sick I probably would have been able to save at least some of it.  This year we will be ready.  We will do preventative medicine to hopefully stop it in its tracks!  Here are some of the flowers from my front garden, these were taken in late fall so many were dead already:


Some of fall's bounty!

So, I haven't done much sewing since Christmas.  I did make these adorable Molly Monkey dolls for my nieces:

Aren't they the cutest??!!  If you like the pattern I got it from Larissa at mmmcrafts

I am still working on my Carolina Christmas quilt---got about 2 hours of piecing done yesterday which was a miracle considering it was in the middle of the afternoon and the boy was running all over the place!  I can't wait to see it finished!

That's it for me.  My Borders break is drawing to a close, I want to go peruse the craft section before I have to pick up the boys.  More pictures coming soon---I have remodling projects talk about, more crafty stuff and more kids stuff! 

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underthegypsytree(at) said...

Ohh I love the herb spiral. This is my first year with a full round of herbs , last year I didnt do put a small patch or reg veggies this year I am free to go all out.

I am sooo very happy to have spring coming. We got melon blight lte last season and it wiped out all our melons and our cukes .

I am thinking about some chickens this year , but I am not completley sure yet. We have such harsh winters I want to make sure they have ample room. Are the silkies as tame as I have heard they are ?