Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow day

Well the big storm blew in yesterday, and seemed to peter out.  We were supposed to get tons of snow and only got a half a ton, not enough to close things down.  Poor Jeremy, he thought for sure he'd have no school and stayed up later than usual (he has to be up before 6 am, his bus comes at 6:30).  It's weird though, all the districts directly west and north of us are closed and there isn't as much traffic on our busy road as there is usually.  I think the other districts are preparing for the onslaught we're supposed to receive this afternoon---smart.  The winds are supposed to pick up big time and present possible blizzard like conditions.  Glad I don't have to go anywhere, although my daughter is here for her weekly overnight and she wants us to go out to dinner for my birthday.  I already had dinner planned here, I'd rather not spend tons of money on eating out.  Plus, it's getting pretty bad outside, I'd rather not travel the 15 miles to town today.  We can eat out some other time and Jessica can make dinner tonight!  :-)

So, I've been thinking about how I'd like to spend my birthday weekend.  I had said that I'd lock myself up in my studio and craft all weekend, and that'll certainly be a big part of the weekend but I think I'd like to start decorating and organizing my craft space.  I've been looking at pictures online of other craft studios and getting some awesome ideas!  There are whole Flickr sets dedicated to craft rooms and quilting studios! I'd  like to stop at my favorite antique shops and start collecting containers for storage.  Sure, I have tons of plastic---but some of the ideas I've seen using unconventional items (like a 3 tiered cookie rack to store buttons, or a lunch box to store fabric) have given me some great ideas!  I also want to get more shelves and some pegboard to hang tools and stuff.  I definitely need more storage---I have fabric and old jeans lying around that need a place to be--not to mention tons of craft items.  It doesn't help that Seamus dumps his toys all over, too!  I need a cool space for those as well.  All that will come with time, right now I have to decide on paint colors---I'm thinking a nice butter yellow and crisp white trim to start.  Here are the befores---don't mind the mess, Seamus kinda ransacked the place looking for his train!  But I can't blame him for all of the disorderliness!
Current project on the table, Carolina Christmas quilt

There's a lot of work to do and I'm getting tons and tons of ideas--I need to win the lottery, LOL!  But I'll at least get paint and some peg board for this weekend--a birthday present to myself so I can create a crafters sanctuary!  It's the least I can do for me ;-)

The snow is blowing like crazy now! Across the street, 3 cars are stuck in my neighbors drive.  I hope it is safe for the school buses, I hate waiting in weather like this, I always worry!  These country roads can be treacherous!  Keep safe, keep warm and ttfn!

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Irene's Quilting Corner said...

Am glad you decided to wait until warmer temps to head to Amish Country! Berlin has been like a ghost town with the almost 25" of snow that has fallen since Friday! Schools were only open 5 hrs. on Monday and we've been closed since then and will be again tomorrow---nasty snow storm this time!

Enjoy your time in your sewing room--hope you get lots done and Happy Birthday