Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Working in the Garden on this fine spring day!

It's April 9th and it's 79 degrees out, I just HAD to get in the garden today!  I had to run to the feed store for chicken food.  They had all sorts of starts out so I picked up some onions and strawberries.  I cleaned up the strawberry bed, the ones I planted last year are coming back and spreading real nicely so I added 30 more plants and hopefully they'll take!  Here's the bed all planted, I need to get more straw for a ground cover.

Doesn't look like much now, I know!
Look real close you can see some green in the dirt!

My garden needs a lot of clean up.  Last fall, my husband was very ill and I never got to do my fall clean-up so a lot of grass and weeds were able to take over.  Hopefully we can get the tiller out this weekend!
I grow cukes and zukes in the bed with the frames---it worked out very nicely last year!

Ugh, a lot of work is needed in these beds!
Chives are coming up again---looks to be another bumper crop!
Garlic is coming up!  I planted these last fall, they'll be ready in early July!
The tomato beds from last year.  I'm not sure what's going in here yet---probably  potatoes this year.

Tomorrow, I'm going to take some of my compost and spread it on the strawberry beds!  I love spring!!!


Online PhD UK by Lora said...

This looks fun! But I’m not a green thumb and was never born with it. Are you doing that all by yourself? Well good luck and hope to see photos of your tomatoes and potatoes soon. Planting is really not my hobby but I’m happy you’re determined to do it.

Online PhD UK by Lora

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