Monday, March 01, 2010

March has come in like a lamb.......

No lions so far, as a matter of fact,  there is no horrific weather expected this week---so far!

I've got my seed catalogs, my garden plans and my dreams all ready to go.  Just 3 more months before I can actually plant anything, LOL!  Or, 2 1/2 months to be more accurate, but any north east Ohioan knows that to put anything in the ground before May 15th is asking for failure.  You just never know here.

Hubby came through again!  We haven't gotten the cube shelf started yet---money, illness and a general malaise had stopped that project for the time being, but remembering that he had picked up a substantial bunch of wood from a lady who had posted it for free on Craig's List, I thought----we have to fill up the rest of the wall where the cube shelves will go---why not just regular shelves???  I presented my idea to Scott who looked like he needed a project to work on---he'd been indoors with the boy all weekend and hadn't left the house to do his usual projects or chores.  He grabbed his measuring tape, listened to my ideas, measured and scratched his chin and then went into the barn for a couple of hours.  This is what he came up with:

Pretty cool, huh?  I figure I can store our vast amount of magazines we've saved and can't part with yet on the upper shelves and use the lower shelves for the fabric that is crammed on the plastic shelves next to the new ones.  

 I helped too!  I'm the painter in the family.  As soon as the boy went to bed I ran upstairs to paint my new shelves while watching the closing ceremonies.  Ignore my horrible hair---I had to cut it short last fall.  It was long and halfway down my back but being ill all year had taken it's toll on my hair, a lot had fallen out and it was very scraggly and dry and just unhealthy looking--so I cut it off.  Now,  my hair is back and healthy but it has decided to be curly, or at least more curly than it ever has been in my lifetime.  The problem is that it is curly in some places and not at all in others, LOL!  I'm working towards a perm---I'm a wash and run kinda gal, I don't like spending an hour to make my hair look perfect, which is what it approximately takes with my hair.  It's all just to bide my time until it gets long again and I can braid it or wear it up or whatever---I hate short hair!

Wow, I went on a tangent there, LOL!  Anyway, my shelves are cool, I am so lucky to have a talented, smart, accommodating husband.  I think he felt good getting out of the house for a few hours so it did both of us some good!

Building a snowman

Making a snowfort

Visiting the chickens, they are hanging around the food and water cooler, chatting away about how irritating the roosters are, LOL!

I'm not going out there!

Snow is getting deep, yet Seamus seems to float on it!


 Of course, I managed to find the post hole and fall into it!  I thought I had gone far enough to the right of where I assumed it to be---you know what they say about assuming.......

King of the mountain!

Jaret trying real hard not to smile.

Our snowman.

Hey, if you have read through my post, thanks!  I like to say hey to those who take the time to check my site out so please, leave a comment and leave a link and I'll visit your site!  We're off to the library, see ya later!




chris said...

Hi there, I read your post about the Expedit shelves the other day - great job your hubby did! I have the Expedit one from Ikea and it's pretty good, but I like your custom version! I am just starting out in my own housewifery blog and I'd like to link you if that's okay!

Marsaili said...

Hi Chris and welcome! I really like my hubby's version as well ;-) Hopefully this weekend we'll be able to gather the supplies to make an Expedit cube shelf clone! Thanks for stopping by and feel free to link me!