Saturday, March 06, 2010

Show us your life Fridays

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner 

While exploring the blog universe during the parade, I can across Kelly's site and saw that she had a pretty cool thing going on.  Each week she asks us about our life, specific questions that we are to answer, in details.  I like reading about other people's lives, it makes me realize how much we all really have in common--and how different we are at the same time.  Please, leave a comment so I can say hi to you and check out your day!!!  Plus, I like comments.  :-)  So, here is a day in my life.
7-7:30 am:  I have to get up to fill up the woodstove or it'll be really cold when the boys get up!  Typically, I go to bed around 1-2 am and I get up somewhere between 3:30 and 4:30 to stock up the stove, hubby gets it stocked up around 5:30 and I'm up to start the day around 7.  Most of the time it's still burning ok but there are a few times when I've slept later and woke up to a freezing house---I don't like that one bit!!!  Oh, and by freezing I'm talking low 60's, LOL!

8:30-9 am:  Seamus wakes up like clockwork.  Usually he pulls his curtains down and then proceeds to hit the window with the curtain rod until I come in.  Believe me, it's not something I encourage but with an Autistic kid, routine is necessary and he's made that part of his morning ritual---I haven't been able to break him of it yet.  To make things easier, I have his curtains on spring rods, they come down easy and go back up easy!  After he gets up and I get him his juice and his medicine, we curl up together and watch a little Nick Jr. before the boys get up.

9:30 am:  Time to get the boys up!  I call them both 3 times and then go back into the living room.  Sean usually comes down immediately and after he wakes up a bit he plays with Seamus so I can go start breakfast.  Jaret takes a bit more prodding to get his butt out of bed but the aroma of baking bagels and hash browns cooking usually does the trick! 

10:00 am:  If I need to, I'll start mixing up my bread doughs and bagel doughs so they can rise while we are eating.  After breakfast, they are usually risen enough to punch down and form into loaves or bagels and then sit back to rise again.  I'll start any crockpot meals now or slow cooking items on the stove.

11:00 am:  Any lessons we are going to do today are usually started about now.  I'll start out one of the kids with a lesson that they can do unassisted and the other with something they may or may not need my help.  That way, one can be independent and one can have my attention--as long as Seamus is busy and happy!  We'll do this for 3 hours and then take a lunch break.

1:00 pm:  One of us has to go out and feed and water our chickens and rabbits.  We wait until the afternoon to feed and water them because they also go out to free range at that time.   We want to give the chickens time to lay their eggs in their boxes so they don't lay them in the woods.

2:00 pm  Lunch time!  Usually the boys will go and play Wii for a bit while I make lunch.  Seamus either plays with them or keeps me company in the kitchen, pulling out my pans or messing around on my laptop. 

3:00 pm:  Back to work or off to field trips or outside play or the library or shopping.  If we have a lot of running around to do, the boys just bring their books in the car and finish it while we are traveling.  We live 15-20 miles out of town so we have to do a bit of driving to get anywhere---which gives the boys time to work on schoolwork so they are done when we get home.  We do have 2 small groceries 5 miles from home, but they are SO much more expensive than Walmart.  I do buy locally for meats, though, I no longer get any meat from Walmart or the chain grocery stores.  In season, I get all produce from local farmers (or my own garden!)  Jeremy gets home from school around 3:30 so if we are leaving later we wait for him.

5:30  Hubby is home, yay!  The boys do their chores and bring in firewood and then they are free for the rest of the day.  Scott takes over with Seamus while I make dinner. 

7:30 pm:  Dinner is served and the family is all together and we talk about the day or whatever.  We try to engage everyone in some conversation---or I like to pick a question for everyone to answer.  Today's questions were from the Blogger Parade!  Everyone had fun with that! 

8:30 pm  Kitchen is usually cleaned up by now and hubby and I sit down with Seamus and spend a little time with him before his bedtime.

9:00 pm  Seamus is telling us it's time for bed. 

9:30-10:00 pm After Seamus goes down we either sit down and watch our shows or we head up to my studio and Scott catches up on work or reads and I work on whatever project I've got going.

11:30 pm Scott heads to bed, Jeremy is in bed and the boys are getting ready.

Midnight.  I have the house to myself.  Blissful peace and quiet, the only time of day I truly have time for me!  I love nighttime!

1:30-2 am.  I stock up the woodstove, grab my book I'm reading and head to bed, ready to get up in a couple of hours to stock up the stove again!


It's that time now!  Good night :-)


Heidi... said...

LOVED this! Thanks for the glimpse into your world!!
Ah, blissful quiet!!


underthegypsytree(at) said...

I LOOOVE your blog. I am subbing and will be watching :)

You are the only person to come by from the blog party. I guess I didnt quite fit in. I really love the way things look here and I look foward to reading more in the future

Meet Me Under The gypsy Tree @

Greg and Tracey said...

I am amazed by you homeschooling moms! I don't know how you do it. I have 5 kids, and I just don't think I could be disciplined enough to homeschool. But that's great that you can do it!

Sara said...

Your breads look wonderful!! My stomach is literally growling! And, your schedule is amazing. I don't think I could keep up!!