Sunday, January 21, 2007

Busy, busy bagel day!

Do you wanna see something deeee-licious? I've spent the whole day baking. Baking what you may ask???? Take a look:

Don't they look yummy? Believe me, they are very yummy! I've spent 2 months perfecting this recipe--they are the best tasting onion bagels I've ever had, and it was a lot of work getting there. Here is another view:

Imagine them, toasty warm, covered in cream cheese.
Yum! Ok, I won't tease you anymore :-)

I spent the day in the kitchen. While I was making bagels, I also made a delicious beef and barley soup which DH and I got to munch on throughout the day (the kids don't like it--even though they didn't try it. According to them, they hate all soups. Poor souls!)
I was planning on making a nice, roasted rotisserie chicken, but when I took the chicken out of the bag, it was WAY too small to feed my bunch of boys! So, I threw it in a pot with some onions, carrots and celery and simmered it for hours to make a nice, rich broth. I'll make some soup out of that tomorrow--it's my bread baking day so I'll make some nice dinner rolls to go with it!

We ended up eating grilled, marinated chicken tenders for dinner with garlic and herb roasted potatoes. As Rachael Ray says---YUM-O!

It's time for good night, the baby is sweetly sleeping, the boys are in bed--well, the younger ones and I've just taken a long, relaxing shower so I'm tired and fuzzy, LOL! I've got to be rested to chase the baby around tomorrow! He's in his busy, tear the house apart phase. DH built some new shelves today, to help keep some of his stuff up and out of his way, LOL! Otherwise, it's all over the floor, with his balls from the ballpit, his blocks (ouch, those hurt to step on!) and all his other toys he pulls out. He's a riot, keeps us laughing--most of the time! Hopefully, I'll be able to work on his quilt tomorrow, I just need to add some borders, quilt it and bind it and it's all done! Good night all!

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